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The James Bible Law Group is dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of their clients. We are a full service firm that handles both Civil and Criminal Cases. Our Bellevue criminal defense attorneys know their way around the courtroom. We have a combined 20 plus years of experience and have collectively handled 100s of trials. We are regularly asked to teach trial advocacy to attorneys who are hoping to develop their trial skills. We have taught trial advocacy to attorneys in Ohio, Arizona, Louisiana and Washington State. Top attorneys from around the country regularly call our firm to consult with us on their cases. In addition to teaching trial advocacy some of our attorneys have taught criminal law at the collegiate level. When deciding who to choose to protect and promote your legal interests it is best to choose attorneys with experience and dedication. The James Bible Law Group has a remarkable record of achieving the best results possible for its clients. If you are in need of legal help please contact the James Bible Law Group today at (425) 748-4585.


If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, it is critical that you get an experienced criminal lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Criminal allegations can have a dramatic impact on your life. The James Bible Law Group has developed a strong reputation for its zealous representation of its clients. Our Bellevue criminal defense lawyers have consistently been able to achieve acquittals, dismissals or substantial reductions for our clients in difficult and high profile cases.

The James Bible Law Group does not hesitate to take on tough criminal cases. In recent years we have represented clients in Murder, Felony Assault, Sex Offenses, Robbery, Theft 1, Domestic Violence, Economic Crimes and many other offenses. We handle both Federal and State cases. We our known for thoroughly investigating our cases and developing strategies for success. Through our efforts we have gained the respect of judges, opposing counsel and, most importantly, our clients.


When you suffer injuries as a result of someone else’s actions or inactions you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at the James Bible Law group are highly skilled at evaluating personal injury cases and developing a plan that is geared toward helping our clients achieve the best result possible. In recent years we have successfully helped our clients resolve the following types of cases:

  • Auto Accidents: These claims are most often pursued under the legal theory of negligence. For an injured victim, or plaintiff, to prove negligence he or she must show that the defendant breached his or her duty of care, causing the injury and resulting damages. Drivers owe a duty of care to others. Available damage in such cases typically include past and future medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and other injuries reasonably related to the accident.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination continues to persist in our society. There are state and federal laws that are put in place to protect individuals from discrimination.
  • Jail Misconduct: In recent years the James Bible law group has successfully represented incarcerated people who were suing their jail. Jail misconduct law suits often involve civil actions for failing to adequately treat the medical conditions of incarcerated people.
  • Municipality law Suits: The James Bible Law Group has successfully resolved matters involving the liability of various municipalities. This includes slip and fall cases and civil rights violations.
  • Negligence Claims: If an individual has a legal duty and the breach of that duty causes harm then they may be liable for your injuries. Negligence claims are fairly typical in personal injury cases.
  • Police Misconduct: Police officers and their departments are expected to protect and serve their communities by maintaining a safe environment. However, sometimes individuals we trust with these duties abuse their power and the victims of this abuse feel as if their options are limited. The James Bible Law Group assists those who have been subject to an officer’s illegal use of excessive force get the justice they deserve. Although police officers are protected from civil suits in certain circumstances, when their use of force becomes unreasonable given the situation, and results in an individual’s serious injury, or even death, claims may be pursued under federal or state law. Making sure you gather all the facts and evidence necessary to establish the unreasonableness of an officer’s actions is usually key in proving these types of civil rights violations.
  • School District law suits: There is no place for bullying. The James Bible Law Group has assisted families in addressing school bullying concerns for families. This has occasionally required litigation. In addition to addressing school bullying issues we have successfully resolved litigation against a school district that left a elementary school student at the wrong bus stop after school. We have also assisted teachers in addressing false allegations within the class room.
  • Slip and Falls: In slip-and-fall cases, property owners may be held responsible if they have breached their duty to maintain a safe environment for those who visit. Business owners in particular are required to conduct regular inspections of their property to make sure no dangerous conditions exist. Where hazards are found, they must take reasonable steps to fix the hazard or warn visitors of its existence. Proper investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fall, as well as a business’s regular practices are often necessary to building a successful premises liability suit in these situations. The attorneys at the James Bible Law Group work diligently to see that their clients are properly compensated for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence
  • Wrongful Death: It is difficult to accept the loss of a loved one that resulted from the negligence or unjustifiable purposeful action of another. It is important to have caring and compassionate attorneys to help you. The attorneys at the James Bible Law Group will listen to your concerns and help you navigate this process. We recognize that you are grieving and will do the best that we can to represent you and your family’s legal interests and provide a sympathetic ear.

Our attorneys are caring and compassionate toward our clients. We will take the time to hear your concerns and zealously advocate for you. We understand how important it is to you and your family to be compensated for injuries that you have received as a result of the actions of someone else.


It is a sad reality that discrimination based upon race, gender, national origin, religion and sexual identity continue to exit within the workplace. There are state and federal laws geared toward protecting workers against hostile workplaces. The James Bible Law Group is dedicated to helping those that have been subjected to illegal discrimination in the workplace.


The James Bible Law Group offers compassionate legal guidance to help you through difficult circumstance. Our Bellevue criminal defense lawyers are devoted to our clients and will work to resolve your cases as efficiently as possible to serve your best interests. Our office serves clients in the following areas:

All Courts in the State of Washington including the following:
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