Vacation of Convictions/ Second Chances

At the James Bible Law Group we believe in rehabilitation and second chances.  Under some circumstances you may be able to get your conviction sealed or vacated.   Getting your record sealed can help you to get the second chance you need and deserve. We have had success helping individuals vacate their past convictions.  By vacating your convictions you are able to say on many documents that you have never been convicted of the crime or crimes that you had vacated. 

The steps necessary to get your conviction vacated or sealed can be confusing and tedious for those that do not have the legal expertise in this area.   We have a distinct understanding of the research that needs to be done to be completed in order to determine whether your particular conviction can be vacated or sealed.  We also have experience navigating the court system and negotiating with the prosecutors in relation to vacating convictions.

There are also times when an individual loses a significant work or life opportunity as a result of a past conviction.  There are some circumstance in which a court may grant a Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity.  We can help you evaluate whether you can get a certificate of restoration of opportunity. 

If you are required to register as a result of your conviction, you may be able to get relief from that requirement under certain circumstances.   Our office may be able to help you. 

We are proud of the people that we have helped to move forward from their past.  We enjoy the opportunity to help people regain opportunities and improve their lives.  We recognize how important second chances are and we are hopeful that we will be able to assist you.

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