Criminal Law

After you’re arrested, you might not know what rights or options you have. The criminal defense attorneys at the James Bible Law Group assist clients throughout Washington who have been accused of crimes. From first contact with law enforcement, through bail hearings, arraignment, motions, and trial the attorneys at the James Bible Law Group are here to protect your rights. Our firm handles all types of criminal cases, helping our clients secure the best possible resolution depending on the circumstances of their case. Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side is important to making sure your criminal case is handled properly and professionally. If you are facing criminal charges please call the James Bible Law Group at (425) 748-4585 or (206) 354-8109 today to see how we can help you.

Types of Criminal Charges

Crimes are divided into a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanors or felonies, based on the crime’s severity. In Washington, a misdemeanor can result in up to a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. A gross misdemeanor can result in up to a $5,000 fine and 364 days in jail. Felonies are the more serious crimes and are broken down into three classes, Class A, B, and C.

  • Assault
  • Assault of Police Officer
  • Burglary
  • Car Prowl
  • Communication With a Minor for Immoral Purposes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • False Imprisonment
  • False Statements to Law Enforcement
  • Felony Assault
  • Gang Crimes
  • Harassment
  • Kidnap
  • Malicious Mischief
  • Murder
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Police Accountability
  • Promoting Prostitution
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Taking Motor Vehicle
  • Theft
  • Vehicular Assault
  • (many other offenses)

Sentencing for most felonies can vary depending on the circumstances of each case, including whether a firearm or other deadly weapon was involved and whether the defendant has previous convictions. Washington State has a Three Strike Law. A defendant who is charged with a strike offense and has two prior strikes is looking at life without the possibility of parole. Crimes qualifying as strikes include rape, robbery, murder, arson, as well as first and second-degree assault. Consulting a seasoned criminal defense attorney as soon as possible can improve your chances of charges against you being reduced or dropped altogether. The James Bible Law group has successfully reduced Third Strike Offenses so the client did not have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Process of Criminal Proceedings

After an arrest, charges are not necessarily guaranteed. Police Officers in Washington can arrest individuals based only on probable cause. There may not be sufficient evidence for the prosecutor to decide to charge the case. If an arrest does result in a charge the next step is arraignment. Prior to arraignment is when our firm goes to work for you. A notice of appearance and request for discovery is filed with the prosecutor’s office. A notice of Appearance lets the prosecutor and court know you have an attorney. A request for discovery requires the prosecutor to give us all information about your case. Discovery is all the evidence that the state has against the defendant, which can include police reports, video, witness statements, cell phone records and anything else the police has collected in the case.

The next step in the process is arraignment. Arraignment is where you are formally informed of the charges against you and you enter a plea of not guilty. If you are in custody depending upon your circumstances we may argue for release.

After arraignment we continue to investigate your case. In addition to reviewing discovery provided by the state we seek information that was not included in the discovery. There are times when the information we have found has lead to dismissals, reductions or acquittals of charges. After we investigate your case we help you explore your option. It might be a plea deal or trial; it just depends on the circumstances of the case.

All steps involved in the criminal process can be confusing and seeking the advice of a criminal defense attorney is the best way to protect your rights. The police are allowed to lie to you and then will use what you say against you. Before talking to them talk to us. We have over four decades of combined experience in criminal law.

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