Civil Litigation

The attorneys and staff at the James Bible Law Group are dedicated to achieving justice for those that have experienced an injury due to the fault of others. We have successfully litigated civil suits against cities, states, schools, businesses and individuals.


Our attorneys approach their cases with the thoroughness, compassion and expertise that you deserve. From the moment you walk into our office we seek to understand the experience that has brought you to us. This can only be achieved through listening. After getting information from you, we begin investigating your case. This often involves collecting police reports, getting photos of the scene, questioning witnesses and reviewing medical bills related to your case. When appropriate, we contact the opposing party and begin negotiating the case.

Negotiation typically involves the creation of a demand letter that is sent to the opposing party. A demand letter is a compelling statement geared toward helping the opposing party understand your losses and their liability. After the demand letter is sent, we begin to negotiate your case with the adjuster or opposing counsel. While most cases are resolved through negotiation, there are occasions when it is necessary to go to trial.

Our attorneys are more than willing to litigate your case all the way through trial in order to give you the best chance of achieving a just result. We are experienced in the court room and will provide you with the advocacy that you deserve. If you are in need of an attorney for a civil lawsuit please call us at (425) 748-4585 or (206) 354-8109.

  • Nature and extent of physical injury
  • Nature and extent of emotional injuries
  • Wage loss
  • Missed work
  • Missed opportunities
  • Other factors that may be unique to your case
  • Vehicle Related Injuries
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits
  • School District Lawsuits
  • Slip and Fall
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Premises Liability
  • Police Misconduct
  • Employment
  • Other matters on a case by case basis

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your personal injury case.

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